Adolescent & Teen Therapy

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”
– E. E. Cummings

Being a teenager is not easy

Adolescence is a time of significant change and transition. As children enter their teens, they are faced with an onslaught of change and shifting roles all while trying to figure out their sense of self. Navigating social relationships, building independence from the family, peer pressure, self-esteem, and academic pressure can impact the teen’s emotional well-being. The struggles of adolescence can lead to feelings of sadness, anger, anxiety, and shame. Other events, for example, divorce, abuse, trauma or conflict, can add to this.



Many teens find it difficult to talk about the problems that affect how they feel, act, or learn. As a parent, you may notice a change in sleeping and eating habits, and they may appear irritable, anxious, withdrawn.

Adolescents and teens seek help from me to deal with a variety of issues that are impacting their overall well-being. They may struggle with low self-esteem, a lack of confidence, bullying, feelings of hopelessness, depression, anxiety, stress, self-harm, feeling suicidal, family problems, and some may simply be feeling alone in their struggle and want an unbiased listener.



As a therapist working successfully with teens and adolescents, it is vital to find and maintain a balance between providing them with a safe space that is truly theirs, while involving parents and other family members, as needed, as we work towards the teen’s growth and development.

Due to the importance of trust and connections between therapist and client, it is crucial that both the teen and his/her parents determine whether I am the right fit. I want to invite you and your teen to a preliminary session where I will gain an understanding of what challenges and stressors you (or your teen) are facing, and together, we can decide how to move forward.


The benefits of counselling are extensive. You develop greater self-awareness and insight, which enables you to grow in all areas of your life, helping you to become the person you want to be. To achieve this, I use a holistic approach and aim to go beyond merely addressing the immediate symptoms you may be experiencing. My goal is to assist you in developing effective ways of coping while exploring and addressing the underlying issues that are contributing to current life struggles, emotional distress, or interpersonal problems. You will develop a greater sense of self-acceptance and an enhanced level of self-esteem that enables you to build stronger relationship connection and help you to thrive both in your personal life, as parent and or partner, at school/university, and in your professional life. 

Choosing The Right Therapist For You

The match between therapist and client is essential because a trusting client-therapist relationship is a crucible of wellness and successful therapy.  I want to encourage you to read more about my approach to working with teensadults, and parents so that you can determine whether I might be a good match for you or child.

If you have any other questions and would like to learn more about the therapy services I offer, please feel free to contact me by phone at +64 27 7765 008 or email me. You may also request an appointment by clicking on the button below.


“It felt like nobody was there to listen to me, but now, after telling my story, I feel great! Like, I now understand myself better, I have found new ways to cope and to love myself!”   A.P.


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